Digitalization for SMEs

Hint: it’s not complicated.

About Us is your strategic partner in your digitalization journey. We recognise the need for SMEs to be online and closer to their customers, users, and partners.

We offer you consultation on a whole-of-business level, that means we understand your needs before writing any proposals or selling any “packages”.

The background of our full-Singaporean team lies in both technology and marketing of high-tech startups and marketplaces.

Our Services

Management Consulting

With a focus on digital channels

Website Development

Minimal front pages & e-commerce

Website Optimization

Copywriting, Content, SEO

Paid Advertising

Social Media & Search Channels

Digital Processes

Workflows, Marketing SOPs, CRM

Corporate Coaching

Building long-term capabilities

A note about Digitalization

If you’ve ever had a flashing thought about our interpretation of digital, and how we set ourselves apart from others in the space, our Digital Primer will solve your queries.

Digital Is (Really) Not Hard…

… if we all take it step by step. We have curated free resources for anyone to read and adopt, so be our guest!

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