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5 Powerful Ways You Can Attract More Clients In Singapore

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As a business owner, or sales/marketing leader for an SME in Singapore, attracting clients to believe in your business is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding experiences you can have. Here are five building blocks that every business needs to attract clients in Singapore.

Know Your Target Audience

The world’s most successful companies know their target market’s demographics like the back of their hands. It is nearly impossible to attract people to your business if you do not have a target market in mind.


Identifying your target market is essential before experimenting with different marketing strategies in our city-state. This can be achieved by conducting an in-depth study of your ideal target audience. The exercise involves brainstorming sessions, interviews, and sessions meant for piecing together everything you know about their qualities, attributes, needs, and preferences.


Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Recommendations Always Work

It is a known psychological effect that people are twice as likely to believe a suggestion from a friend than they are to believe an advertisement. Referrals and recommendations have a lot of power, and that’s no different in the Singapore market.


Since ancient times, marketers have been using this sort of marketing and advertising as their primary method of communication. Despite the fact that outcomes may be gradual, this method has nonetheless been effective and withstood the test of time. Due to the general distrust of commercial advertising among Singaporeans, word-of-mouth marketing is still a highly effective means of reaching new customers.


When a customer is pleased with your product or service, there is a natural human conscience that urges them to tell others about their positive experience. Customers who are happy become your most valuable marketing asset in Singapore. One might get astonished at how far a willing customer will go to promote, persuade, or even protect your firm.

Deliver More Value than Customers Deserve

Word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals will only come your way if you go above and beyond what the customer expects from you. Having your expectations exceeded is usually a fantastic experience. Think about how you generally feel if you received your package a day early or got huge discounts.


Clients that are happy with your product or service will not only refer others to your business, but they will also act as your ‘foot soldiers’, bringing in new customers for you. However, this is only possible if you exceed your customers’ expectations by delivering on your promises.

Offer Discounts and Great Deals

Discounts and special offers, in Singapore, can also be effective in attracting people to find out about your products and services. This is a clever approach to get more customers because it’s perceived as a means to save money by the vast majority of people.


In most circumstances, big discounts and bargains can persuade customers to buy more than they intended. The innate intuition to take advantage of today’s sales because of tomorrow’s uncertainty cannot be neglected. It is, however, imperative to use this with caution as it might dilute your branding and attract unserious customers.

Create an Official Business Website

To capture a piece of the ever-expanding Internet market, every Singapore company, big or small, requires an official business website. As previously stated, Singapore has an Internet penetration rate of 88.5%. At least 90% of people in Singapore own smartphones and could make their purchases on the internet. 


More people in the country have access to the Internet than ever before. And it’s no secret that the majority of Singaporeans use the Internet to locate a product or service. A local clothing or groceries store has almost only the Internet to display its specialities and attract customers to a captive, actively searching audience from all over the nation, and to capture them in their search process, a website, and more importantly so, a mobile-responsive one is a must-have.


Apply these tips now

These are 5 of the most powerful ways that you can attract more clients in Singapore. It is all about giving the best service and value. The sooner you can apply these tips, the sooner your business will grow!

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