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A Review of 2021 and How To Use Digital Channels in 2022

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The year has sped past and we are now a week away from 2022. The time may now be right to relook at marketing strategies and align them to the upcoming trends in 2022. While 2021 was filled with highs and lows, especially with the pandemic, it has also been an insightful year, with many key events that we can learn from.

Review: Things that happened in the digital space

  1. Brands were called out for their mismanagement 

For most Singaporeans, the Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) saga was one of the more shocking events of the year. As we followed the shocking revelations of workplace abuse and sexual exploitation of workers by their female boss, it also highlighted the importance of management in the workplace. Earlier in the year, it was also revealed that BooksActually founder had alleged misconduct towards his female ex-employees.


With all these events in mind, more emphasis has been placed on workplace welfare, especially with the pandemic disrupting the lifestyles of many. Business owners and managers are also being watched more closely in order to prevent similar situations from taking place again.


For business owners and managers, the revelation of these events highlighted the importance of listening to employees. After all, a happy workplace leads to better productivity and an overall more vibrant workplace culture.


  1. Reopening of physical spaces

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With the availability of vaccines this year, more physical spaces have been opening up, from retail to dining outlets, and even the borders. While this may seem like it will have an effect on digital spaces, digital spaces have been even more thriving instead.


As new waves and variants of COVID-19 cases hit our shores, physical spaces such as retail and Vaccination-Travel-Lanes (VTL) have been constantly affected, leading to uncertainty amongst consumers. As such, more reliance has been placed on digital spaces.


For digital marketers, this also would also mean that increasingly varied content distribution and user engagement methods will take center stage in 2022. The core aim has been the same – to stand out amidst the increasing competition across even more channels. 

  1. More awareness about mental health and controversial issues

Topics like mental wellness and workplace balance were common topics this year, as people focused more on themselves. Social issues such as racism in Singapore and mental health were also more apparent this year. From the People’s Association tone-deaf display of a Malay couple’s wedding photograph as a standee for Hari Raya Aidilfitri decoration to a video of an individual making racist comments on public transport, these incidents have motivated conversations about race in Singapore.


For business owners and digital marketers, this shift in mindset also provides a fresh new perspective for content creation and marketing. It also serves as a reminder to be careful of the content one puts up, especially in regards to racial issues in a multi-racial society.


Preparing for 2022

Setting our sights forward, let us now look at what to expect for 2022: from changing the type of content creation to the platforms we post on, digital marketers can expect to face many changes in the coming year. 


At, a lot of the planned work for 2022 will remain around building up a digital presence for our clients and partners, and also staying nimble and making sure all digital efforts are well-executed. 


What can we do for 2022? As we gear up for new trends, we have categorized our action plan into 3 sub-categories: brand image, content creation, and online platforms. By working on these, we believe that your business will be able to tackle upcoming trends and boost your marketing plan for the new year. 

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Building a Stronger Brand Image

We observe that many brands focus more on producing more content rather than content that reflects and builds on their brand image, resulting in a page with all types of content and a weak brand image. However, in today’s world, branding is a key factor in a brand’s marketing strategy. A strong brand image leads to better brand awareness and hence better outreach. 


This can be done by providing quality content that provides value to consumers, such as blogs and tutorials that educate and informs consumers. With the multitude of platforms and channels available, it has become increasingly important to have a strong brand image to bring credible attention to your brand.


For brands struggling with building up a stronger brand image, we at focus on producing content that relates and reflects the brand’s mission and values, which leads to a stronger brand image.

Creating Personalised Content for Marketing & Sales In 2022

Which of the following emails would you like to receive, as a customer?


Email 1Email 2
Hello, Sir/Director/Madam,

GREETINGS! Our company specializes in web and app development and we have done many projects at a great cost!

Here is our deck! [PPTX, 24.8MB]

Please, let us know if you have any requirements and we can help you!

Dear James,

I understand you’re the marketing director. I thought I’d reach out to you because of your synergy with us and Apex Limited.

We’ve seen that Apex has been entering the technological space, and we might be able to support your initiatives.

There’s no obligation, but please feel free to arrange a call if you’d like to have a quick chat on all things innovation & tech!


In our sales and marketing efforts for clients, we’ve always focused on and emphasized the need to personalize content based on the brand’s values and mission. With the many brands and content on the Internet, consumers are more likely to engage with high-quality and unique content or approach. 


This also has to do with a strong brand image. A stronger brand image is tied to better performance and delivery. After all, no one thinks good of a brand that sends Email 1!

Should Brands Diversify Sales Channels?

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It’s a fact that digital channels are ever-changing, with more channels for customers to consume marketing content. The different channels also have different types of consumer bases, allowing brands to reach different audiences based on the platform used. For a larger outreach, it is crucial for brands to cater their content to different platforms.


With the increasing reliance on digital spaces to advertise and reach out to consumers, brands also face increasing competition amongst the various channels. By diversifying their content based on the different platforms, brands are able to appeal to customers more strategically as well. 

Summary: Create A Well-Thought Marketing Plan For 2022

All in all, it is crucial for businesses to prepare themselves for upcoming trends and shifts in society. By reviewing the year, we hope that this gives you an insight into how the trends progressed and what to expect for the upcoming year. We have also collated some marketing tips to prepare your brand for new trends and better outreach. 


For more information, feel free to reach out to us at Alternatively, head down to our blog for more tips and information regarding digital marketing!


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