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Business That Won Hearts During The Pandemic

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It has been almost two years since we have been in a war with the Covid-19 pandemic. In these two years, we have seen many Singaporeans suffering both financially and mentally. 

There have been many heroes in our lives. Some examples are, the nurses who are fighting day and night to keep us safe, the taxi drivers who risk their lives to help us reach our destinations and also the safe distancing officers who are so vigilant that nothing misses their eyes. 

However, some businesses have managed to win our hearts during the pandemic, be it helping people with free food, free entries to attractions or even letting down their egos to admit their mistakes and apologising when necessary to avoid further escalation of that matter.

Free Food For Healthcare Workers

Image Credits: Old Chang Kee Singapore

Many businesses in Singapore have stepped forward to offer free food and drinks for hospital workers. For example, The Mix Bar offers a choice of a taco or burrito with a drink at no cost and it extended their opening hours till 1-2 AM on some days to cater to workers who worked the night shift.  

Old Chang Kee is another business that has come forward to offer a free Curry’O, Chicken Mushroom’O, or Sardine’O at Old Chang Kee when they’re taking a quick break – each one is filled with a dose of protein in the form of chicken or fish to keep you going till the workers manage to sit down for a proper meal.

These are not the only businesses that offer free food as many others stepped forward to lend a helping hand. Some of them are Takagi Ramen, McDonald’s, Kitchen Kumars and PappaRich.


Free entry to attractions

Image Credits: Great Deals Singapore

From 14 to 31 August 2021, practising nurses in Singapore were able to enjoy complimentary entry to Gardens by the Bay’s Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and the Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom exhibition.

This special treat for practising nurses was an initiative by Gardens by the Bay to pay tribute to nurses for their hard work during the pandemic.

This was extremely helpful for nurses who were able to finally catch a break from their never-ending schedules. They managed to spend quality time with their friends and co-workers for free. 

Also, till Dec. 25, healthcare workers simply need to flash their vocational passes at the Concierge Counter located at Level Five of Jewel in exchange for up to four admission tickets to the Manulife Sky Nets – Walking. It is the world’s largest walking net, suspended 25m above the ground — making for a rather thrilling stroll.

This is a brilliant move by Manulife who has taken into account the fact that hospital workers barely spend much time outdoors. The fact that they offered 4 tickets allowed the workers to go to the attractions with their families to spend a long-awaited quality time.


Owning Up To Mistakes

Source: Circles Life

People saw it as a hierarchy system where the upper management are all Chinese while in the lower management are the Malays and Filipinos. They also mentioned in their caption that, the company is “sure” that “this is the right direction”.

This was a wrong move by them. However, instead of ignoring the criticisms and simply moving on with life – which they can as they are a huge brand, they decided to take ownership of the mistake and apologised in the next post (The image at the start of this heading). 

Making mistakes is a part and parcel of life, however not many businesses own up to their mistakes and have the courage to apologise publicly when in the wrong. 


Winning Hearts

Living amid a pandemic is never easy. However, when we come together as one, we often find the strength to fight against the virus. Everyone has a part to play in this pandemic, be it in the frontline or at the backend. We appreciate everyone who has put in effort in the fight against the pandemic.

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