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How digital tools can help you in your daily life

The pandemic-stricken world has caused many of us to adopt working from home as the norm. In this process, you would likely have become accustomed to using digital tools for work and leisure. In this article, we will discuss some of these digital tools, and how they can simplify the tasks you have to do.

What are digital tools? 

Digital tools are software programs that may help you finish work faster and more productively. Apps, websites, and other online resources are some examples. A significant number of them may be accessed through web browsers without the need to download apps or programs, and you can do so at home or at work.

The variety of tools available may come across to you is overwhelming, or even complex, but it generally involves helping you in one of these three ways. Here are the ways in which digital tools can help you be more productive:

Working Together on Projects

You can use digital tools to do many things in your workplace. For example, you can use the tools to work together on projects and assignments. Tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello and Google Forms are some examples. They simplify the process of interacting with your colleagues in terms of uploading documents, creating content, and providing and receiving feedback.

These tools often offer an abundant number of features, depending on your job/usage type. Every tool has its own tutorial that you tap on when you run into an issue. Reading these tutorials will help you understand the features that the tool has to offer. Before using one of these tools, it will be very beneficial for you to understand its functions. You may even become the expert within your team!

Image credit for Google apps: Elle Cartier 

Interaction With Others 

You can also use digital tools to interact and communicate with others. Some of these (lesser-known) tools include Yammer, Twitter and Storify. Yammer is very similar to Facebook, except that it is applied in a workplace context, in which you can talk to your colleagues, tag them in posts and interact with networks.

Twitter is a very good tool for reaching out to the right audience online as well as for further engagement work, with functions such as hashtags, advertising, and building a following. Storify is a tool that allows you to create stories by importing them from social media sites. It is a simple tool that allows you to showcase your creativity attractively.

Such platforms and other similar tools will allow you to communicate your thoughts and creativity, by facilitating engagement opportunities between you, your colleagues, and even the Internet population.

Image credit for Twitter: Alexander Shatov

Personal Organization 

Lastly, digital tools can be used to organize your work and to-do lists. One very popular tool to do this is Evernote. It is an online workspace that is useful if you like to jot notes on the go. You can access it using both desktop and smartphone.

Another tool is called “Pocket”. If you are an avid reader, this tool will come in handy. It stores all articles that you want to read safely, so if you do not have enough time to read them right now, you can always come back during your free time. The best thing about it is that you can read these articles offline as well!

Image credit for note-taking: Glenn Carstens-Peters

Digital tools to boost productivity in 2021

While we have simply touched the tip of the iceberg in this article, there are thousands of more tools that exist in today’s world. If you are obsessed with building your own productivity, embracing the use of digital tools is not hard, in fact, you will be actively searching for the best one. So, go out there and pick up a new digital tool today! 

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