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Book Grant

Every employee that is at least 4 months old will be given a $30 allowance per 3 months to improve or take care of yourself.

Claimable expenses include a book for yourself, unwinding spa session, mental wellness services/apps, etc.

Birthday Gifts

You get a $20 - any gift - similar to book grant on your birthday (eligibility: at least 4 months tenure).

That means, on the 3 days before your birthday

You can opt to donate your $20 birthday grant in your name to gifting, and the company will match another $20.

The $30 per quarter to your personal wellness cannot be donated.

Free Certifications

Internal coaching on getting Hubspot certified (approved on a per application basis).

View Hubspot courses >>

Benefits From OfficeBud

An app that will give us a full suite of group benefits (coming soon)

To activate any of your staff benefits, contact Kang for more details.